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Will I get in trouble for putting a skip on the street in Wigan?

Will I get in trouble for putting a skip on the street in Wigan?

If you’ve been looking into skip hire, Wigan has various options for you to take advantage of – including us at A&R Skips. You may also have been considering keeping the skip in the street outside your home if you don’t have any room on your land or a driveway.

Certain rules must be followed if you’re planning on putting a skip on land that doesn’t belong to you – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

At A&R Skips, we’ve been offering Wigan skip hire and cheap skip hire services in the surrounding areas for years – so we know a thing or two about where you can put a skip! If you’ve been seeking the cheapest skip hire in Wigan, get in touch with the team for a free, no-obligation quote today.

With this in mind, here are a few things you should know when hiring a skip.

The rules on where you can and can’t put a skip in Wigan

Putting a skip on the street

Whether it’s a commercial skip or a domestic skip, as a rule of thumb, if your skip in Wigan is going to be placed on any land you don’t own this will require a permit from the local council.

While some skip hire companies will expect you to take care of this by yourself, at A&R Skips we offer this service for our customers, removing much of the hassle from your end and saving you time and effort. You can find out more about our permits for Wigan skip hire here.

When it comes to specific rules, you should be aware that your skip in Wigan:

  • Can’t block any pavements, entrances or exits (unless they’re yours)
  • Can’t cover any access points, like manhole covers
  • Can’t be within 15 metres of a junction

Beyond this, there are also some safety regulations that need to be followed to ensure your skip in Wigan does not become an issue for others, particularly at night time if it is stored on a public street.

  • The skip must feature reflective tape around the edges, making it clearly visible to vehicles with headlights and pedestrians.
  • Traffic cones must be placed around the skip at night to make it even more visible.
  • Safety lamps should be hung on the edges of the skip to illuminate it.

Of course, the skip shouldn’t go anywhere where it poses a direct threat to passers-by either – so you should be careful not to overfill the skip or not to carry potentially dangerous objects (anything large or sharp) to the skip while people are walking if you’re on public land.

Beyond this, use sound judgment and common sense when filling your skip in Wigan and you’ll be fine. And be sure to ask the A&R Skips team if you have any other questions about Wigan skip hire.

Putting domestic skips in Wigan on your own land

For domestic customers, if you’re planning on renting a skip in Wigan and want to place it on your own land, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you. The only things you need to keep in mind are whether or not the placement of the skip will impact your neighbour’s ability to enter/exit their home without issue.

Also, if you live in rented accommodation, you will need to seek the permission of your landlord before you place a skip on any part of their property. It’s always wise to get this in writing, just in case any awkward scenarios present themselves later.

Driveways are always a popular choice to place a skip as they offer somewhere large enough to store the skip, without usually blocking the entrance to the home in any major way. You could also store your Wigan skip in your front or back garden (if accessible), though you should be aware this will cause pressure damage to the ground and grass.

Get in touch with A&R Skips for Wigan Skip Hire

If you’re still in need of commercial skip hire services or domestic skip hire in Wigan, or the surrounding areas, get in touch with A&R Skips today, fill out our online booking form, or find the right skip online via our website. We offer commercial skips, industrial skips and domestic skips in various skip sizes, all at affordable rates.

Even if this is your first time hiring a skip in Wigan, we’ll be happy to talk you through everything you need to know before we arrive. We also offer next-day skip delivery on skips in Wigan, if you need one ASAP, so feel free to enquire about this when you speak with us.

Whether it’s for garden waste, a home improvement project or professional construction projects, A&R Skips is here for you.

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