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Hire a Wigan Skip for the New Year

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Planning a clear out for the new year!

When you’re ready to clear your home, you should first get a rough idea of the waste you’ll have to deal with.
Below are some main rooms and areas you need to plan for a clear out:

• Living room: Your living room is often the main area of clutter and requires special attention. It’s recommended that if you have a possession sitting there and isn’t used, dispose of it.

• Bedrooms: Bedrooms are often a common spot where you can find a build-up of clutter and needs careful attention to ensure it looks clean and tidy.
If you have small children they can cause your bedrooms to have mountains of plastic. This is the right time to get rid of those old toys and furniture that you do not need.

• Garage: Garages are a typical dumping ground for old bikes, toys, building materials, house items etc etc.
When hiring one our our skips you can make room and start to re use unused areas.

How to deal with waste in Wigan?

One of the easiest, most responsible ways of dealing with the waste produced by a post-Xmas clear out is hiring a skip.

A&R Skips of Wigan have a variety of skips available for next day hire. We dispose of household waste correctly and recycle 90% of skip waste.

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