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Why professional skip hire services are the most ethical way to dispose of waste

Why professional skip hire services are the most ethical way to dispose of waste

Whether you’re looking for commercial skip hire or domestic skip hire, using a professional skip hire company is one of the best ways to not only guarantee your excess materials and trash will be stored appropriately, but to also keep you and those around you safe.

A&R Skips provide fast and reliable skip hire in Wigan and the wider borough and works hard to ensure we always offer cheap skip hire at an affordable price. We also endeavour to make sure you receive the correct skip sizes, ensuring your waste is managed effectively until we remove it for you.

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With this in mind, here are just a few reasons why using a professional skip hire company is always a better move than going it alone.

Why responsible skip hire is always the right choice

Environmentally friendly

In an ever-growing environmentally-conscious world, ensuring your waste is disposed of appropriately has never been more important – not just in an ethical sense, but a legal one too.

Depending on the specific waste you’re dealing with, you may have several options on the table as to how to deal with it, including possibly burning it, burying it, or simply dumping it.

But none of these options bode well for the environment, and won’t do your reputation any good if you’re caught, either. That’s why opting for a professional skip hire service makes all the sense in the world.

At A&R Skips, we ensure all waste stored in our skips in Wigan – and other areas – is disposed of in line with recent government regulations regarding safeguarding the environment, so you know you’re doing your part for the planet.

Health and Safety

One of the main advantages of having the right size skip is that you can avoid having to dump your waste in a garden, along walkways, or – even worse – on a public footpath while you’re waiting for it to be collected, or before you dispose of it yourself.

Not only is this unethical, but it’s also incredibly dangerous, depending on precisely where and what you dump. Even if it’s just something soft and not too harsh, like garden waste, this can still cause serious problems if stored improperly.

But with the correct sized skip kept on private land (or kept on public land if you have a permit from the local council), you can keep your excess waste from under your feet and from under the feet of the general public, putting everyone’s safety first.

No legal worries

Any job that requires the use of a skip can be messy. Whether it’s a house renovation, DIY projects, or something involving commercial skips, if there’s a lot of waste to be removed it always pays to have the correct skip in place.

But what happens if you choose not to use a skip, instead trying to bag all your excess waste and hoping it doesn’t unexpectedly split open, causing your waste to become litter?

If your materials find themselves scattered on public land, you could be hit with a hefty littering fine, even if you had no knowledge of it or it was entirely accidental. 

To make matters worse, there are some less than reputable characters out there who will offer to dispose of your items “properly” for you, only to abandon them somewhere they shouldn’t. In this situation, it’s the owner of the waste (you) who is responsible. That’s why you should only put your trust in an experienced and reliable company, like A&R Skips.

However, storing your items securely in a high-walled skip will solve this issue and prevent your waste from winding up in the middle of a road or in someone else’s front garden! 

Choose A&R Skips for skip hire in Wigan and the surrounding areas

If you’re looking for a fast, affordable, and reliable service for skip hire, Wigan skips (and skips in other local areas) can be tough to get hold of – but A&R Skips is the team to speak to. 

With multiple skip sizes available and next-day delivery options, we’re proud to offer a fantastic service for Wigan skip hire. Whether you need domestic skips or need to dispose of commercial waste, our flexible service is here to meet all your skip hire needs.

Find your ideal skip online today at this link. Alternatively, reach out to the A&R Skips team for a free quote today.

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