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What is the difference between commercial and domestic skip hire?

What is the difference between commercial and domestic skip hire?

If you need Wigan skip hire, or cheap skip hire in the surrounding areas, you may have come across the terms ‘commercial skip hire’ and ‘domestic skip hire’ on your travels.

If you’re unfamiliar, these terms can be a little confusing. But, ultimately, there are only a few differences between the two you need to know about if you’ve never hired a skip before, and they’re easy to understand. 

At A&R Skips, we’re experts in the skip hire business, and our skip hire company has been offering skip hire in Wigan and the surrounding areas for years, delighting our many customers time and time again. Whether you need to dispose of domestic or commercial waste, we’re here to meet all your skip-hire needs.

With this in mind, let’s break down these terms, so you can choose the right skip for the job at hand the first time around.

What are domestic skip hire and commercial skip hire services?

In layman’s terms, domestic skip hire refers to hiring a skip for a personal job. For example, if you decide to do some small home improvements or embark on a new garden project by yourself (that is, without the help of a professional company) and need to get rid of building or garden waste, this would count as domestic skip hire.

On the other hand, commercial skip hire refers to when a skip is hired for a professional job, usually by a company or by a person working on behalf of a company. These can include small to large-scale construction gigs, professional renovations and everything in between. It’s really that simple.

How do domestic and commercial skip hire differ?

In terms of what you receive, there’s actually no difference between commercial skip hire and domestic skip hire; anyone who wants to hire a skip can, whether they work for a company or they’re working for themselves.

But generally, you’ll find skips for commercial and domestic purposes differ in a few categories:


Depending on the job you or your company is undertaking, you need to choose the correct skip size to suit your waste needs. Commercial skip hire often takes advantage of the largest skip sizes available, so that more waste can be stored safely at any given time, preventing overflowing or the need for multiple skips. These often include building sites and larger operations. Our builder’s 8 cubic yard skip, for example, is ideal for storing excess brick, cement and any other materials produced on building sites.

This is in comparison to many domestic skips, which are often only used for smaller, shorter jobs – though this isn’t always the case. Our mini 2 cubic yard skip is a great example, offering plenty of space to dispose of waste when bins simply won’t do the trick – think parties or large events with multiple guests. 


Depending on whether you need a domestic or commercial skip – and where that skip will be placed – may also have an impact on whether or not you require a permit for said skip. As commercial skips are often needed on building sites that are fully closed off from the wider public, permits are not often needed under these circumstances.

However, for domestic applications, if a skip needs to be placed on public land (for example, the pavement or the side of the road) you will need to obtain a skip permit from the local council before you proceed.

In need of skip hire? Wigan customers always trust A&R Skips

In need of domestic skip hire or commercial skip hire in Wigan and the surrounding areas, including Greater Manchester? A&R Skips is the team you need to speak to.

With years of collective experience helping customers obtain the skips they need for a huge array of jobs, we can confidently say we always deliver a fantastic service, making it easy to reserve your skip online today.

Hiring a skip from A&R Skips is quick and easy. Simply visit our product page, choose the skip online that suits you, and give us all the information we need to deliver the skip and collect it promptly.

We also offer next-day delivery on skips in Wigan, if you’re in a rush? Yet another reason so many customers return to use our flexible service whenever they need a hand.

Not sure what size skip you need, or want some more info? Get in touch with the A&R Skips team today – we’d be happy to help!

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