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How to choose the correct sized skip in Wigan

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If you require a skip in Wigan to correctly store commercial waste or waste from a personal project, you may be unsure which size is right for you.

But choosing the wrong size skip can have dire consequences for you, your work, and those around you, and can lead to overfilling your skip – which can be a danger in itself.

Choosing the right size skip the first time around will save you a lot of headaches and physical hassle later down the line. It could potentially save you some cash, too. When it comes to affordable skip hire, Wigan has a few options to choose from. However, the skill and experience of the team at A&R Skips is hard to beat.

With this in mind, here are a few tips on choosing the correct sized skip in Wigan to meet your needs…

Choosing the correct commercial or domestic skips the first time

Your specific project could determine your skip hire needs

To better understand the size of the skip in Wigan you’ll need, you should first consider the type and scale of the project you’re undertaking.

For example, small home improvements and clearouts may only require a MINI 2-yard skip – enough to hold up to 20 bin bags. Whereas a much larger home renovation project involving a lot of construction waste will likely need something bigger, such as a BUILDERS 8-yard skip – capable of holding up to 100 bin bags.

Choosing a skip size based on the type of work you’ll be doing and your predicted amount of wastage is an excellent place to start, especially if you have no experience in using skips.

But what if you’re working with someone that does have experience?…

Are you working with any experienced professionals?

If you’re not familiar with skips in the slightest, but you’ve already decided to hire a skip in Wigan, chances are you’ve taken the advice of someone with at least some working knowledge of skips.

Whether this is a DIY-hero friend or someone who uses skips in a professional capacity, they’ll be able to advise you not only on where to hire a skip, but also the size of skip you’ll need for the job at hand.

So take their advice and you’ll be thankful for it later! Or, if you’d like some advice from skip professionals, speak to the team at A&R Skips – we’d be happy to lend a helping hand!

Play it safe and order a size up

Being conservative and trying to save money isn’t always the wisest choice when hiring a skip as it can lead you to choose a skip that is too small for your needs.

If you hire a skip that is too small, it won’t take long for you to overfill it, which can then lead you to haphazardly store waste around the skip (never a good idea for safety reasons) or you’ll need to find somewhere else to store your waste until you can find a more reasonable solution until your project is finished.

That’s why ordering the next size up from what you may think you’ll need is always a smart move if you’re unsure. Even if you don’t end up utilising all of the space in the skip you choose, you can rest easy knowing your waste is safely (and legally) being stored without causing a danger to you, your family, your staff or the general public.

Choose A&R Skips for the best Wigan skip hire services

On the lookout for skip hire in Wigan? At A&R Skips, our skip hire company supply skips to the people of Wigan and the surrounding areas, offering the trustworthy and cheap skip hire they need to complete their essential work without being surrounded by constant clutter.

Whether you need commercial skip hire or domestic skip hire, we’re on hand to deliver. We also offer next-day skip delivery on those last-minute jobs you need to get a grip of, so you’ll never be caught out.

Plus, we can offer expert advice on whether or not you’ll need a skip permit or to contact your local council, if you’re not too sure.

Speak to the A&R Skips team for reliable, professional Wigan skip hire, fantastic service and a free quote. Or to hire a skip online today, visit our online booking form to browse all our skip sizes.

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